Friday, December 23, 2016

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Have uploaded to my account not only today Pins but also those that I had scheduled for this next Saturday because am not going to work this weekend, am still in shock cause there has been years since the last time that I have two free days in a row, will going to spend these days with my girls and why not playing a couple of video games offline, recently have downloaded my digital copy of Lost Odyssey for free, the game is kinda big cause it took more than 16 GB of the HDD of the Xbox 360.

Am not a big fan of the RPG titles even when I do have a
couple of these in my collection being my favorite one without a doubt the classic Final Fantasy VIII of the PS1, dunno if it's only me but they are quite similar in some aspects like the characters, the music, the gameplay that I love which consist in attacking by turns, am currently at the part when the group reach Queen Ming already know that still have a lot of work to do but it feels good that already have beaten two of the mini bosses of this game, am feeling this god cause has been years since the last time that I played a game from this genre.

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