Tuesday, December 20, 2016

6,215 Followers and 43,386 Pins

The year is almost ending and I'm pretty sure that am not gonna get back the 6,400 followers well at least not before we reach the 2017, the only good thing about this is that getting some new followers, the draw that am using for this post is quite hilarious cause it is practically my life this 2016, can't be worst but am still here trying to finish the year.

Got the idea that 2017 will be if not the worst of all the years that I have ever lived it will be a bad one, Trump will be in charge of the US and the president of my country is a asshole just like him, am expecting a ridiculous raise in the taxes, services and all that shit that we used to pay to maintain his life quality, so I can only say that both of them can go to Hell.

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