Thursday, October 8, 2015

Just pretending to update a little more often ...

Time to release the ladies O_o
It didn’t took me that much time to be here again posting some nonsense stuff and since there is no big deal happening right now just want to share this picture of my beloved Karen Starr better known for a lot of people like me (no, am not a freaking Nerd) as miss Power Girl, this amazing draw came from the hand of the talented artist Paul Kwon which I do recognize as Zeronis at his cool Deviantart page, if you already forgot I said at my last post that this page is one of the two that I visit every damn day, she is my favorite from the entire DC universe and to be quite honest didn't wanted to miss the opportunity to talk about her and no, don't expect a full review about her cause Wikipedia has already done that for me so move you lazy ass if you want to know more about her.

Despite the fact that many people might say she is in my opinion the hottest and the one with the biggest tits ever created in the DC or the Marvel universe, also lot a people wonder the size of her attributes or if they are real but I really don't give a shit, really can't believe that I saw some threads in a lot of forums where nerds were even fighting because some of them claim to know the size of her boobs this kind of people surprise me and not because they got that passion for a fictional character I do love comics too but not at this fucking level, come on what these bastards needs to know is to get a real women.

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