Saturday, September 26, 2015

Trying to get some costumes for my ladies ...

I know that haven't here in a while if you can say that some months is a while, honestly Pinterest which is my primary page cause I do visit it everyday just to upload all kind of crazy stuff related to Video Games, Anime Comics some sexy ladies and more, I pin at least 40 images per day, that's why my pin account is almost reaching the 25,000 items (damn), I do also have more than 3,000 followers (if at least I ever had one here)

Anyway this one and Deviantart where I also have an account which by the way is my favorite second page that visit every single day, except from Sunday's, to be honest I don't have any draw skills so I don't upload this kind of material but I do appreciate the work of a lot of people, it's very cool to have a gallery of those draws that you like and put them at your Favorite section at your profile

But it's a damn shame that this two pages don't allow me to upload material images like the ones that am using right now, the first page because they don't admin +18 stuff and the second one because I can't upload images that were not drawn by me, for example I can't upload these amazing Kasumi's pictures from the talented artist Homare (Fool's Art)

Am using them here just only cause I recently  have purchased the Dead or Alive 5 for my 360,  have been playing a lot this title since then, already have 25 achievements, won't gonna try to get all of them just the more easy to get and of course those sexy costumes for the ladies, the guys can screw up, they don't deserve my time in fact if they were in the game it would be a lot better, gonna get back to work and hope to be here again soon.

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