Monday, October 12, 2015


Artwork by Keops7 (Osman A. Hernández Vides)
If the name of the thread didn't said anything to you allow me to say that today I'm gonna talk about the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis game for the PlayStation, this one was the first title that I ever purchased from this franchise, got a story for each of the games that I own and this one is not the exception but indeed is one of my favorites and all began several years ago when I went to the store for some groceries with my mom, we were walking when at Just About Time of Laredo Texas saw the promotional poster of Jill Valentine with the Nemesis at her back, as a perv that I was (still am) totally felt in love with Jill's skirt even when I didn't knew anything about her decided that definitely needed to get my copy of this title, at that time didn't had any access to the Internet so there was no way that I can hear or read a review before doing the purchase also the only magazines that I was reading at that time were the ones from Club Nintendo Mexico and of course since this was a Sony title they will never gonna talk about it, really didn't care about this and decided to save money doing some tasks at home also doing a lot of small part time jobs, the day that I got my copy was so fucking excited even when at my first attempt of playing was a complete failure, the control was completely new for me so the first zombie that appeared at screen killed me.

This didn't disappointed me in fact had the opposite reaction, as a teenager had all the time in the world to adapt myself to the game and in no time I was kicking Nemesis butt like a pro,have to admit that I did searched and purchased a magazine that can allow me to finish and discover every secret of this game, that was the GamePro which by the way I still have at my parents home, not complete cause the pages of the guide were ripped apart but at this point of my life I don't need them anymore but the game is still in mint condition with his manual and case even with the Phone Card that never used, some years later when I had access to a GameCube system purchased the Resident Evil remake just to see my beloved Jill using that outfit, now that am writing all this I guess will give this game another try this afternoon just to remember old glories.

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