Thursday, February 5, 2015

Yeah am still alive, if you can say it.

Gotta love Reiq's artwork, the dude has talent.
Well it took me more than fifteen days to come back and post something where I do have to admit that the main reason this time was at least this time all about related to my work, Pinterest is such an addictive page that really took almost all of my time and am not talking about that am inside it all the day, neither that I search and look everybody's stuff, in fact do not like to see other peoples board because every damn time that log my self into it is only to Pin my pictures, yes I know this is kind of selfish but really love to be there sharing my pictures also am pretty sure that a lot of people really love the different kind of material that am uploading almost all the days of the week.

Trying to reach the 2,000 followers so really hope that this month I can finally have them, already have more than 1,900 at this time, am pretty close, anyway just want to say that am still alive that even when I do have a lot of work I can make some free time to be here.

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