Monday, April 6, 2015

Geez I can't believe it but am here again.

Really can't believe that it took more than a month to make some free time and be finally able to post something again, have to admit that I didn't forgot about it because I did remember it sometimes but to be honest was not able to decide which pics have to use here, I'm really sorry but this is the pure damn true, at this point and since my first post people around here should know that I do love Anime and even much more the Hentai and it is because of this is that today I decided to use here some animated scenes again.

Hope that nobody mind about these ones, these gifs are from the anime Maken-Ki! but they are not from the common serie episodes, they are from one of their Ova's which by the way are uncensored but at this point I guess there's no reason to say that, This is totally the kind of stuff that definitely have to watch at home and make sure that nobody is near me at least not a woman because it's content and scenes even when is nothing uncommon and there are no sex here can cause a lot bad ideas, dunno why but this is the actual situation with this Ecchi situations.

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