Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Not what I expected

No, definitely is not me sleeping xD
A long time has passed since my second attempt to create a new blog where I do really have to admit that all that people who maintain their blogs frequently updated really deserve my full respect, is not that easy as everybody know, not when you have a full part time job, two kids and obviously a wife, I dunno if anybody else think that time this days is going more faster but the 24 hours is not longer enough, at least for me the day can have 30 hours and still will need some more just to accomplish all the things that want to do but this is not the best course of action and am saying this because I went to the doctor a couple of days, started to fell in some way bad or sick and they scheduled me some exams and analysis for the next month also it seems that am a little fat an need to lose some pounds, pounds that really don't know where they came from since I don take any breakfast of lunch in the morning neither any dinner at night, am guilty of eating a lot of fast food, love hamburgers, fried chicken and pizza but am not that rich to spend all my money in these kind of stuff, was trying to have an excuse for missing some days of work and spend them just sleeping at home but now have to do some exercise, it's true when they say that things really never go the way that everybody wants, gonna miss eating as always but I need to think about my three girls besides of all death can be avoided in to many ways and the better way to do it is starting to care about yourself, guess I said much and really didn't said anything, will try to keep the blog updated but I really can't promise anything, take care.

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