Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If you leave it ...

Attempted to write something today but for some unexpected reason I was more lazy than ever, my last post was almost a month ago and today really don't know what to say or write, guess that working in a office really can bore everybody, will try to avoid that cause do not want to be like the 90% percent of the people, you only live once and no, hell no am not talking about that Yolo shit I mean that you really have to enjoy your life in an organized way, there is always time to everything and being in front of the monitor all the day really don't make any sense, well at least not for me, yes there are plenty of stuff around the net, is like those damn sites like Tumblr or Pinterest once you are there is almost impossible to get out and am being pretty serious because I have an account at the second website that mentioned, in fact my first one was deleted so have to start again from zero there too, am trying to get my first 1,000 followers, don't ask me why since they don't pay me for that but is pretty cool and addictive to know that there are a lot of people that like the same stuff that you, maybe in a near future I'll leave a direct link to my boards but right now the only thing that need is to leave this damn office, take care.

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