Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's kinda hard when you have to start again from zero

Yeah am mad and I have to admit it !
Used to have a blog that I have created this past year 2012, in fact at that time didn't even used it, until January when I began to share some nonsense posts where talked about that kind of shit that everybody loves, you know the kind of games, comics, movies, Anime, Dōjinshi, Hentai and much more, attempted to write a post per day but really have to admit that this is a real pain in the ass, if you are the people that are able to do this, well I only have to say that you have a lot of imagination and are well organized, or you are really good with words but in my personal opinion I can only say that you might have so much free time for yourself, unfortunately this is not my case, spent a lot of time at the damn office, spent more time there that at home and that's not good, my last blog was deleted so that's why that I have to start again from zero but will try to take things more slowly, will try to leave a post per week and maybe later I'll be able to write two of them per week but that will be all, still need to see and read a lot of stuff that I left slope.

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