Monday, February 1, 2016

Kicking and being kicked online

Am back again, took me a couple of days this time cause really have a lot of things to post in fact sometimes I got the idea of what am going to talk or write but for one thing or for another one totally forgot about it and avoid being here, recently have renewed my Xbox Live Subscription and only because it cost me less than five bucks so have spent some afternoons and all my weekends playing Street Fighter, but am not talking about the fifth release of this game neither the fourth one but before I continue have to admit that always have been a Capcom fan and even when at this time I call the company Crapcom for all the shitty games that they have lately released still like to play their titles, no offense of course but this is my personal opinion.

Street Fighter IV and all his ports are good enough to be played but there is no fucking way that am going to pay again for a version 2, version 3 or version 4 of this game when being honest if they wanted they can released all in one disc, I own the v1.0 of this one but don't play with it that much, the game that was playing and am talking about is Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, used to play this one offline so decided to give it a try and play it online and man I have my ass being kicked so many times but somehow I managed to reach level 7, never cared about the levels until this past days and it does feel so good when you beat someone with a higher level than yours, this one has become my second favorite because no one can beats Street Fighter Alpha 2, played this one at the arcades for hours without being bored and with just one coin cause at the place I used to go used to be a lot of challengers also and because of this one is that I decided to work and save the money just to purchase an SNES and the cartridge, damn those where the best days of my life.

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