Sunday, February 14, 2016

Me posting in Valentine's Day, oh crap!!

First of all don't get the wrong idea am posting today February the 14th not because it's Valentine's Day, I am posting this particular day for two simple reasons, being the first one that I had to work this Sunday, didn't wanted to but I need the extra money for some unexpected payments that need to cover and secondly because today I have finally reached the 30,000 Pins at my Pinterest account, it took me more than a year but I have finally reached one of my goals, a silly one if you think that you have spent some days doing this but since I only spent like 30 minutes per day at this awesome page it's not a big deal, well at least for me and I guess that my followers got if not the same idea a similar one, why ?

Well it's kinda simple, at this moment I got 4,621 followers and I really expect to reach the 5,000  by the end of this year, really want to believe that but honestly want to reach that number if not by June at least at the end of that month,  so if you think clearly I am not the only one addicted to this page also dunno why but it feels great to know that somebody appreciates, like and have the same tastes for those things that I enjoy, might now like Facebook or Twitter like almost everyone but I do love followers.

Atago from the Anime Kantai Collection
Being explained the situation gonna continue uploading some covers from the latest comics that have read lately even when I don't have much free time as I wanted to do this don't want to completely forgot them, there are some good numbers that will gonna recommend in some future posts, the bad ones well dunno know if they deserve my time but honestly it's not a rule that everybody has to love/like the same things that I but that's will be material for another post also need to see some episodes of three Animes that am currently following, don't need to explain again that I love this kinda of art, first will start with the episode number 10 of One-Punch Man yeah I know it is from past year but my best friend insisted that much that I decided to give it a try.

The other one is Heavy Object episode 17th there is no much Plot here but I do enjoy it a lot, don't gonna leave any kind of spoilers but this one is a good one to see, started this past 2015 and it's currently at the episode eighteen of it's second season, the last one that am gonna enjoy is the episode two of Dagashi Kashi nobody told me about this but gonna give it a try just because of her busty protagonist hoping that I can see in a future a beach/pool episode.

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