Sunday, February 12, 2017

33 Followers and 1,833 Pins

It took me a complete week to reach or get another 10 Followers, yeah I know it's not that much but one way or another am really happy about it also this next week am gonna reach the 2,000 Pins, decided to upload my stuff without publishing the name of the characters, games, anime, comics or even a small description just to save some time, believe it or not it took me sometimes even hours to put a complete description of the Pin, for example when I uploaded an image of Samus it was something like this: Samus Aran, Zero Suit, Metroid Series / Super Smash Bros Brawl artwork by Reiq and the main reason of this is because fuck Pinterest, don't want to work that much in something that this damn page maybe is gonna delete again in a near future when my stuff is again noticed by so many people also fuck those pussies that report my stuff as inappropriate.

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