Friday, April 29, 2016

Another one that bite the dust ...

No, she is not part of this game but I do love her.
Another month is almost ending where I only have to say, Damn! this year is going so quickly haven't had a chance of being here and not only because of the web pages that I visit every day, the main reason is that this past month of February downloaded for free my digital copy of Sacred Citadel didn't played that much at that time in fact only obtained one of the 35 achievements but this month have been playing as much as I can.

This past 2 of April unlocked the following ten: The bigger they are..., You and what army?, Flyswatter, Vengeance is mine, Tank me later, Hazmat, There's no David, Master caster, Pesky carts, Bookworm, at April 6 unlocked Arsenal, the day ten unlocked Untouchable, Heads up!, Brute, Wingmen, at April 11 unlocked Fore!, the next day unlocked The whole crew and Bow, the 14th unlocked Gotta learn, Clean hands at the fifteen the achievement Ironhide, the sixteen unlocked Invincible, Crazy witch, Extreme rafting, Pool party, Swimming instructor.

The 17 purchased the Jungle Hunt DLC and obtained three more, Bad omen, The remedy, Deconstruction and a couple of days later at the 24th unlocked Gold medalist, It's over 9,000!!!, Legendary Hero so right now got a total of 33, am working really hard to obtain the 34 so maybe gonna unlock it this next month but the last one it will have to wait at least until June cause this one can only be obtained playing online and my live membership just expired two days ago, don't gonna renew it because of two reasons being the first one that there will be no good games to download for free this month and the second one is the most important, because am  practically broke, need to pay a lot of things and playing online definitely is not my primary goal.

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