Thursday, March 24, 2016

Vacations here I come !!!

Need the name of this beauty please.
Vacations are almost here and even when I don't usually travel those days cause really love to do nothing really need to take some days off from all the stress that being working at the office caused me, yeah totally admit that there are a couple of days when I practically don't do nothing, like today for example, this is supposed to be a religious day here at my country but there are still a couple of jerks that don't believe in anything and make us come to the office just to be sit in front of the damn computer for 8 hours which is my case, tomorrow is still one of those religious days but at least we'll have to come four hours instead of eight.

Haven't been here in a while and not only because of all my multiple hobbies, in fact have been watching a lot of Anime also some wrestling DVD's and don't forget my main hobby, being on Pinterest where I have to say that finally have reached the five thousand followers (actually they are 5,140 but that's beside the point) now I can finally take a rest and what a better way to do it that being at home playing some retro video games with my two daughters, have purchased three Game Boy that never played before so am gonna give them a try and hope to finish them before my return.

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